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Creative Director

My family, from Ethiopia, arrived in Saint, Minnesota in 1997 when I was six years old. Seven years passed and it was a huge culture shock. The music, video, photography, and all the art. It was so influential.

2005 is the year my curiosity exploded. My journey of Creativeness began in my Desktop Publishing class. My mind was blown by the fact I could have a photo session with someone in one location and through Photoshop editing put them in a whole new digitally created scene. This lead to so many experiences in Creative Digital Art. From learning how to create Music, Videography, Graphic Design or anything Digitally Artistic. The things that hindered me from creating Silent Echo Studios at that time was fear and self-doubt. Even after overcoming those two things, new struggles came and tested my focus. I failed many times. However, it was never the same mistake as I always fail forward in constantly learning how to improve.

A few fun facts about myself, I am a die-hard Entrepreneur, graduated from Metropolitan State University with a Major in Accounting/Finance & Media Production. I am CMO & CFO of EIDS Cleaning & Consulting and love to assist local businesses with Creative Digital Media.

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